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Intern to Art Director

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*** We are glad this site is up again. Congratulations. ***

Hello Everyone!

We get heaps of appilcations but we haven´t received the right one yet ... guess the right people hang out here, isnt it?

Here is the description, if you are interested.


A new print magazine is in work. Fresh, new and still in its virginity.

Are you highly organized, motivated and hungry for knowledge? We are looking for a multi-talented intern who is able to handle multiple tasks in a fast-paced magazine environment. The ideal candidate is one who has training and interest in the publishing world, design, fashion, lifestyle and literature. The candidate should have training in typography, grid systems and Adobe Software. Most of all he/she should be able to build and transform concepts and ideas into strong visuals. Our design team is small, so you will be working on all areas from print to web to exhibitions; creating concepts for exquisite clients and projects, as well as on small invitations to designing merchandise and more. English and German as languages would be a bonus – you will be dealing with international artists and will be visiting fairs. Becoming our Art Director will be your challenge and final destination.

Provide cover letter, resume, a list of your favourite magazines and your strongest five editorial design pieces in PDF format.

M (at) M-Publication.com


Deutsches Design: Intern to Art Director

hey kimberly, tja völlig aus den augen verloren und hier entdeckt man sich wieder - schöne grüße aus stuttgart.

Hallo Ilja!

Aus den Augen - aus den Sinnen.
Aber Unkraut vergeht nicht, ne!

Beste Grüsse nach Stuttgart!

Seitentitel: Intern to Art Director