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Over ten years ago a sanctuary for infinite phantasy was created: The Kinderbuchhaus in Hamburg-Altona, which literally translated is the children’s book house. A team of bibliophiles dedicates their time and passion towards the upkeep of this jem. Central to it are illustrations from – mostly contemporary – children’s books. We were asked to createa more modern visual look for this
special place.

Simple, playful, visually strong and colourful were parts of the brief. An open bookserved as the beginning of our visual journey. Only by rotating this form, it changes into the letter K (for the German word for children: Kinder) and into a rooftop, symbolizing the house. Put together, a simple and easy to decipher logo is formed in the crayon colours red, yellow and blue. The hanseatic darkblue subline spelling the actual nameout »Kinderbuchhaus« is added, using the font Faro Lucky by Luzi Type. The new corporate design was applied to the business stationary, the flyers and posters as well as the celebration publication for the anniversary.


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