Adobe Remix – Black Mirror

One of three Adobe Remix executions for the Max Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas.

Bubble Wall
Black Mirror

Adobe invited me to participate in Adobe Remix, and put my mark on their corporate logo by transferring physical effects to a live experience. My project partner Frédéric Wiegand and I created three interactive exhibits based on three methods of staging physical phenomena I discussed during my studies.

See the behind the scenes video here.

The Black Mirror uses the opposite method in comparison to the Bubble Wall: Instead of constructing the character, the Black Mirror deforms it and thus explores the visual limitations of its readability. In its quality as a modular system, the exhibit offers a merger of different analogue effects and digital animations which create new elements of movement over and over again.

Looking at the basin at the bottom of the black mirror, the user is able to manipulate the containing liquid by using four different interactions. Sound waves, oil drops, a flexible soap water membrane or simple shaking are distorting the logo animation on the integrated display that gets reflected by the black liquid.

Commissioned by Adobe for Adobe Remix.

Thomas Wirtz

Creative Direction
Thomas Wirtz

Concept & Design
Thomas Wirtz
Frédéric Wiegand

Film & Photo
Grown Videoagency