Adobe Max 2017 Identity

Adobe commissioned me to create the identity of the Max Creativity Conference 2017 in Las Vegas based on my master thesis By the way – a modular system consisting of two components: a typeface, produced by 3D printing, and a variety of physical processes associated with the letters.

After designing a labyrinth version of Max logo and a pattern of several word combinations – also using the ‘By the way’ font – I developed six analog effects which present the logo in different overall impressions. In four shooting days, a crew from Adobe captured the experiments in my studio in Düsseldorf. The design was transferred into various applications for the conference, like banners, videos, shirts and many more.

Commissioned by Adobe for Adobe Max.

Concept & Design
Thomas Wirtz

Technical Support & Music
Frédéric Wiegand

Creative Director
Kashka Pregowska-Czerw (Adobe)

Director of Photography
Dave Driver (eMotion Studios)

Senior Creative Director, Video
Dan Cowles (Adobe)