Self promotional tools (1)


Self promotional tools

Self promotional tools just have to work … simple as that. Experience shows that promotional campaigns work best when they are honest and authentic without trying to be something or someone they are not. It can always be funny, edgy or have a little twist to make it interesting – Don´t be afraid not to be taken seriously. What the world doesn’t need is another repetitive idea or design just to play it safe. As this is our credo, we decided to send out pizza cartons to promote ourselves … thekitchen (, a stuttgart based brand strategy, brand communication and design agency dedicated to functional high quality ideas and design. Inside the carton you will find our businesscard with the additional sentence „We deliver!“ Some red hot chili peppers were added as well, because we promoted #spiceitup and #addsomelove online before and also on our compliment cards. Also part of our self promotional campaign is our customized toothpick set.