Analog Algorithm – Source-Related Grid Systems

This book is a tool kit to create new forms. It deals with grid-based design and gives the reader techniques to develop new forms, fonts, logos, and patterns. Published by Lars Müller Publishers 06/2019.

The concept represents a design process in which individual decisions follow much larger and deeper principles than immediate and spontaneous-intuitive actions. Using a wide variety of examples, each chapter contains a detailed description of the procedure from form analysis to setting up design rules and their application. Both a workbook and a source of inspiration, this publication provides designers and architects with the tool they need to find analytical forms—analog, algorithm-based, exploratory but never of arbitrary origin.”

Techniques for developing new forms, fonts, signs, and patterns are described in detail, making the book an inexhaustible source of inspiration for designers and architects. Both instructive and entertaining, the manual follows the example of Karl Gerstner by offering students instructions for system-based problem solutions alongside suggestions for independent experimentation.

Form, letter, object, and image are the four pillars of design Christoph Grünberger introduces to readers as he encourages them to intuitively seek solutions and take risks. To this end, he provides a variety of methods that allow for analog, algorithmic, and explorative formal investigations which rule out any arbitrariness in form and design.

45 Euro

Christoph Grünberger