Fictional Journal

Fictional Journal (FJ) is a platform and online publication investigating the design’s involvement within society. Triggered by fascinations and questions on urgent political, social and economic happenings, FJ opens up issues for debate, action and imagining.  Moving between digital and physical formats, the journal experiments with ways of triggering and sharing a multitude of responses, acknowledging the design’s fluid presence within everyday life while extending critical perspectives on its practice.
The homepage presents the FJ’s current issue, with its related happenings, editorial text, cultural references, which helped frame the issue and the most important design responses, which were either commission or submitted through an open call. Each issue is uniquely created in collaborating with different institutions, has its own theme and identity color.

Overlaying of elements like images, text or contributions, combine with the blur effect helps to create a multilayer narrative, with no hierarchy, so the reader can be created their own journey through the content. 

Designed layouts are flexible, so each contribution, could look unique and be presented in the best possible way. Taking advantage of the full width of the screen and dividing it between areas for notes, images, and main text, with a combination of serif typeface Saol Display and Grotesk fonts enhanced the online reading experience.

Gabriela Baka

Neue Rituale

Editorial Board
Sophie Rzepecky
Teresa Palmieri
Gabriela Baka