Arpona Sans Typeface (1)


Arpona Sans Typeface

Arpona Sans is a contemporary sans serif family inspired by the work of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill for London Underground. As well as its serif companion Arpona it is a symbiosis of different design concepts. Arpona Sans combines the esthetics of a geometric Sans with the usefulness of the humanist concept and the calm of the modernist proportions. Arpona Sans is a good choice for editorial design, branding, app design and web design – a poetic workhorse well readable even in running text on screen.

The family has nine weights, ranging from Thin to Black plus corresponding italics. Each style includes 588 glyphs supporting all western-, eastern- and central-european languages including four sets of figures and various currency symbols.

Arpona ist auf Myfonts erhältlich und in der Adobe Creative Cloud verfügbar. Bei MyFonts gibt es 60% Einführungsrabatt bis zum 18. April 2021 auf die ganze Familie.

Felix Braden