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Humanista – A human font

Humanista – A human font
Type Design von
Bertram Kaiser

Humanista is the name of an italic (chancery) font by Bertram Kaiser. The idea in this long-term project was to blend the boundaries between analogue calligraphic handwriting and designing a font digitally, while using all technical possibilities of modern type design.

All glyphs were originally written with a broadnib and then carefully vectorized, creating a human charme inside the font. In this design you will find influences from great calligraphy masters like Hermann Zapf or Werner Schneider. The pro version comes along with a big variety of alternate glyphs, initial and terminal forms, swash capitals and ligatures, which gives you the possibility of designing individual text layouts.

Inside the font you will also find a set of italic roman capitals plus fitting numerals and interpunction, which can be treated like a font itself. This font can be used for display sizes as well as for smaller textsizes like on Invitationcards or in magazines.