After School Club II – Content or not?!

About the concept of content in the theory and practice of design: reflections in images and text.

This publication is meant to serve as an extension to the After School Club 2013 at Offenbach Academy of Art & Design. It contains texts and visual statements on this year’s subject, by means of which we hope to provide a reference point for finding an own unique approach to the subject matter. Among the contributors are the speakers, theoreticians and respective teams of previous and this year’s edition of the festival.

Release date: March 2013
Size: 105 & 148mm
Features: 100 pages, full color, softcover
Languages: English/German
Price: €7,00 + shipping

Text Contributors:
Christian Janecke, Els Kuijpers, Marc Ries, Luciane Pisani

Visual Contributors:
Mirko Borsche, Jan Buchczik, Anthony Burrill, Benjamin Franzki, Serafine Frey, Sebastian Haslauer, Frank Höhne, Mario Hombeuel, Hort, Tim Jüdemann, Simon Keckeisen, Robin Klußmann, Nadine Eleni Kolodziey, Eike König, Felix Krapp, Anne Krieger, Evelyn Laube, Alexander Lis, Antoine & Manuel, Stefan Marx, Philipp Möller, Jan Münz, Sebastian Pataki, Anna Skopp, Niklaus Troxler, Jordy van den Nieuwendijk, Vier5