We. Connect. (1)


We. Connect.

We connect design and technology to provide an efficient solution for eco friendly power supply. We connect Munich to Cape Town to maximize knowledge and expertise. We connect to make solar energy accessible for people all over the world. We. Connect.

01. Concept
We are an intercultural and interdisciplinary project team, that consists of students from the fields of communication and industrial design at the University of Munich and technology students from the Peninsula University of Technology (CPUT) in Cape Town. Together with the agency “World of Eve“ we have the goal to design an object in the public space, which, by using solar energy, can be used to charge small electronic devices such as laptops and mobile phones via USB.

02. Design
Our goal was to create a bench that can work on its own, or together in a group. Thus one can decide how many benches are needed for a specific area and in what formation they will be arranged. The main body of the benches will be closed, so that batteries and all other electronic equipment can be stored safely inside. The most important aspect was to make users feel comfortable while spending time at the bench, an thus connect with each other while using the solar energy. To achieve this, our design focuses on making the unit welcoming and appealing to the users concerning the overall design, and also regarding esthetics, usability and production.

We would like this charging device to have more use to the society than only charging mobile devices. We have decided that it will work as an information platform as well, so that the users can spend the time at the bench learning more about the topics of solar energy and renewable energy sources. In addition to that the elements holding the information can be used as black boards or notification boards, advertising sponsors or functioning as an information exchange.

04. Further Steps
Additional functions such as the sale of cool drinks, a Wi-Fi hotspot, etc. are planned, however they are currently seen as our next steps.

Christopher Gros
Fynn Eckstein
Katharina Elleke
Bella Illenberger
Hannah Gorkenant