Slanted #29 – Helsinki (1)


Slanted #29 – Helsinki

Finland—though a small country judging by its population of 5.5 million inhabitants and population density of 18 inhabitants per square kilometer (the lowest in the EU)—boasts many superlatives: there are more saunas than cars; it has the most heavy metal bands per capita; any Finnish noun can have over 200 different forms; Finns are the most avid readers of books and newspapers globally and world leaders in the use of libraries … The list goes on forever.

In the summer of 2016 the Slanted editors embarked on their trip to Helsinki to take a close-up look at the contemporary design scene there. What they found was a rich creative community with a deeply rooted culture – people who do much more than just love design, they live it.

The list of designers Slanted met with boasts everyone from legends such as Erik Bruun to young, wild creatives who are creating exciting voices in their own right. Well known figures from Helsinki’s contemporary design scene such as Jesse Auersalo, Bond Agency, Double Happiness, GRMMXI, Helsinki Type Studio, Kokoro & Moi, Kuudes, Linda Linko, Martin Martonen, N2, Tino Nyman, Prakt Design Agency, Schick Toikka, Tsto, and Werklig allowed a glimpse into their world. Not only can you find their brilliant works in the new issue, Slanted also provides a deeper look at their opinions and views through video interviews that can be watched online on our video platform for free!

Illustrations, photography, interviews and essays complement the issue thematically. Slanted #29 comes with contributions by Aarikka, Agency Leroy, Aivan, Andbros, ANKI Rugs, artek, Melanie Dower, Everyday Design, Fjord, Laura Iisalo, Jalo Helsinki, Arja Karhumaa, Marianna Kellokoski, Leena Kisonen, Matilda Kivelä, Hanna Konola, Ida Kukkapuro, Riikka Laakso, Eero Lampinen, Heini Lehtinen, LUK, Ian Lynam, Dermot Mac Cormack, Sac Magique, Marika Maijala, Sanna Mander, Marimekko, Merkitys, Nide, Rami Niemi, Nikari, Plantui, Lauri Ilmari Puustjärvi, Samuli Saarinen, Enni Sahlman, Saint Vacant, Ville Savimaa, Tikari & Maininki, Tulva, and Wevolve.

The booklet “Contemporary Typefaces” is a regular feature of Slanted Magazine presenting an editorial selection of recently published international high-quality typefaces. In an additional section the booklet features Finnish typefaces, including Agis (Jani Paavola / Cloud9 Type Dept), Alku Handwriting (Jarno Lukkarila / Typolar), Apax (François Rappo / Optimo), FF Berlare (Donald Beekman / FontFont), Brummell (Panos Vassiliou / Parachute), Chap (Florian Schick, Lauri Toikka / Schick Toikka), Colorado (Julia Symäläinen, Jürgen Sanides / Juliasys), Finlandica (Niklas Ekholm, Juho Hiilivirta, Jaakko Suomalainen / Helsinki Type Studio), Fino (Ermin Međedović / TypeTogether), Francis (Nikola Djurek / Typotheque), Handelson (Mika Melvas), Mala (Barbara Bigosińska / Bold Monday), Monumental Grotesk (Robin Mientjes / Tiny Type Co.), Nantes (Luzi Gantenbein / Luzi Type), Nordvest (Nina Stössinger / Monokrom), Rando (Maurice Göldner / Camelot Typefaces), Sneak (Fabian Fohrer / Tightype), Stratos (Yoann Minet / Production Type), Syrup (Emil Bertell / Fenotype), Triangle (Tomi Haaparanta / Suomi Type Foundry), and Zeitung (Akiem Helmling, Bas Jacobs, Sami Körtemäki / Underware).

In addition to this exciting publication, a limited special edition is available, consisting of a folded poster, designed by Dafi Kühne, a notebook alongside a free custom typeface called Suomi Primeval, which references the great Finnish designer Eero Aarnio’s work, and an art book by visual artist Aleksi “xbstrxct” Koivusalo.

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