Adidas Group. Herzo. Make your Move.

Herzogenaurach. This unassuming German village was home to our founder Adi Dassler, it is the heart and soul of Adidas and, of course, our global headquarters. With over 3,500 employees, 600 of whom are from outside Germany, and over 250 open positions currently – you can imagine how many times our recruiters have heard “Herzo-what?!”.

That’s why we built this one-of-a-kind site. Its purpose is to show prospective employees who are considering moving to Germany what it is like to live and work here. With the support of Thorsten Konrad’s Design Studio we filmed 21 employees with different backgrounds all over our ‘World of Sports’ and in the surrounding cities to give you an insight into Herzogenaurach. The website features first-hand accounts from our international employees who have relocated to what we call ‘Herzo’ for an opportunity of a lifetime at our headquarters

Agency & Production-Company
Thorsten Konrad – A Design Studio

Creative Director
Thorsten Konrad

Thorsten Konrad and Jens Franke

Max Kleucker

Technical Consultant and Lead-Development
Jens Franke

Design and Editing
Thorsten Konrad

Shai Levy, Ferhat Topraklar

Ann Bertram

Philipp Nespital

Jens Franke, Shai Levy, Ann Bertram, Thorsten Konrad