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Eso — Identity

Shaping a functional but also experienceable corporate design with graphic, light and sound.

Eso is the foremost intergovernmental astronomy organization in Europe and the world’s most productive astronomical observatory. Eso provides state-of-the-art research facilities to astronomers.

The foundation of the identity is formed of a solid and objective document appearance. Celebrating the aesthetics of technology and the typographical value of data.

The vastness and strangeness of the space as well as the enormous calibre of the technology were the starting points for the graphical language of Eso.

Only in complete darkness the endlessness and calm elegancy of the stars can be seen. Exactly the same applies to the corporate design, only at night its full appearance comes to light.

The world of Eso is silent. No sound waves can travel through space. But radio waves can and nearly every object in the universe emits them. Also the planets in our solar system. Sounds that were never heard before help to shape a vague image of our universe, but also to shape a certain understanding for the world of Eso. Plug in your headphones, sit down, listen and experience. To emphasize the technical aspect, the sound files were transferred on mp3-modules to provide an adequate setting for a hearing experience.

Concept, Design and Execution
Malwin Béla Hürkey

255 Agenturen 145 Designer 24.518 Arbeiten 251 Jobs 276 Artikel