Caleo (1)



Caleo is a modernized product innovation and the reinterpretation of an old night candle. The procedure of choking the flame with a candle snuffer got reinvented and the product features a variety of functions which remind of a candle but yet in a more modern, contemporary and progressive manner. The product is a niche product between regular table lamps and aroma diffusers. It can be classified as a living accessory and is designed to enhance your home experience. Caleo is the branded producer of this product and lumina is the elementary component of the product family. The design system is based on a duality between old & new further expressed as black & white, on & off, uppercase & lowercase etc. In the end I created a real prototype of the product, the packaging, and the related supplies.

Nico Schröder

Bachelor Thesis
Corporate Identity, Packaging & Product Design

Hochschule Rhein–Waal

Information & Communication Design

Prof. Michael Pichler, Christian Stindl