Node Forum for Digital Arts – Designing Hope

26 June – 2 July, 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany

Node Forum for Digital Arts is the biennial international festival for digital culture and creative technologies in Frankfurt (Main), Germany. In each edition, Node is gathering creative coders and digital artists for an intensive knowledge exchange in workshops and other formats such as exhibits, artist talks, live performances and a symposium.

With this year’s leitmotif ‘Designing Hope’ Node17 will discuss an intangible yet powerful motor that drives ideas of a better future. The program will analyse the role of technology in the creation and manipulation of collective imaginaries:

How do today’s communication infrastructures determine the formation of public opinion? Are we living in a global village that is accessible for everyone or in secluded, exclusive bubbles? What do we expect from creative technologists who dedicate themselves to developing the next life-improving or life-extending tools? Are critical creative practices able to shape responsible design?

Valérie-Françoise Vogt
Woeishi Lean