A typographic tool for Cherry (1)


A typographic tool for Cherry

TypeMates developed an exclusive Cherry gaming font to ensure perfect illumination of the 2K keys and give the brand new MX Board 5.0 a fresh, futuristic look.

The Cherry MX 5.0 keyboard is based on Cherry’s iconic mechanical keyboard technology MX. It’s a patented design with an XL palmrest and keycaps made of two-components manufactured together in the ‘doubleshot’ moulding process. The results are ergonomic and highly durable — perfect for even the most demanding PC gaming enthusiasts.
We were tasked with designing a typeface that would not just label the keys, but be built into them in a manufacturing process involving two wet-in-wet injections: the first moulding the key shell, leaving out letter shapes to be filled by a second injection. This process would place exacting technical requirements on anything we designed.

We had to discover those technical demands little by little. In an agile process, we analysed, measured and sensed rules: defining the space we were designing within, and then redefining our understanding of that space each time we discovered a new requirement.

Today, we are proud to say our high-quality workmanship, carefully engineered in Germany, enhances the new Cherry MX 5.0 keyboard.