Lapp & Fao – Sweet Life (1)


Lapp & Fao – Sweet Life

The story of Linvard Bo Lapp and his travelling companion Ephraim Fao is one of discovery. Scouring the globe to unearth the sweetest delicacies of far-away countries, they write down their thoughts and experiences at the end of each long and eventful day – and in these pages they find the inspiration for their unique creations.

On their latest trip, the two sweet-toothed travellers went on to explore Australia. A constant companion during this trip were the finest macadamia nuts and delicious raw cacao. And soon the idea was born to transform this sweet lifestyle into a unique recipe.

The result are five Lapp&Fao Macadamia Butters, all of which will bring the sweet taste of far away lands to your breakfast table. The new packaging idea shows snippets of a never-ending summer and follows the two globe trotters on their search after the perfect wave and golden sunrise of all.

Enjoy the sweet life.

Studio Chapeaux

Creative Diretion
Nils R.Zimmermann

Andreas Klammt

Max Toth