Fount #2 Connect

This is the second issue of Fount Magazine, titled connect. We made a lot of connections during the work on our first issue and reached out to people to check if anyone is willing to work with a magazine they have never heard of before . We gladly found out that people enjoy the concept of connecting on an artistic level. hotographers, graphic designers, artists, architects and writers from all over the world came together in our first mash-up.

This issues mash-up features a selection of 60 artworks of people from 14 countries and different creative disciplines.

Connecting with one another is the foundation of Fount Magazine. While we as the editors and designers benefit greatly from a hyperconnected society, we dont’t want to overlook the ambivalence and complexity of the topic. our articles shine a light on the history of migration, report on Berlin’s think-tank, where unsolvable problems are being discussed and adress the moral implications of modern technology.

Interviews with leading creatives give us an insight into the minds of people such as: Mirko Borsche, Main Studio’s Edwin van Gelder, Frederik Öst from Snask, or Christoph Amend, Editor in Chief from Zeit Magazine.

Ina Bunge
Daniel Ludwig
Carsten Nierobisch
Daniel Rupp