Teller Magazine No. 3 (1)


Teller Magazine No. 3

Teller is a magazine of stories, mixing fact and fiction, words and pictures, reportage and poetry to offer the pleasures of a good story well told. Founded in 2010 and based in London and Berlin, Teller brings together new writing, photography, and graphic arts from all over the world.

In issue three, Chiara Dazi celebrates Germany’s romantic spirit in photographs of young craftsmen on a rite of passage hundreds of years old and David Gray studies England’s idea of north in former industrial heartlands. Chloe Dewe Matthew explores the bizarre landscape of India’s call centre capital and Russian photographer Tatyana Palyga takes a look at the daily grind of life in an office that could be anywhere.

In Seba Kurtis’s graphic appropriation of formerly classified documents from the US embassy in Buenos Aires, bureaucracy intersects with the banal intimacy of family photographs to hint at atrocities. Oliver Harris imagines a journey to the frontline of an earlier war, as a naïve young soldier feasts on French delicacies against a backdrop of death on a terrible scale.

Meanwhile, photographer Chris Floyd lets us in on golden days with the love of his former life, Iphgenia Baal and Nikesh Shukla’s short fiction introduce friends and neighbours from London to Mumbai, Stuart Braun talks to Melbourne’s Aboriginal community about family, solidarity and resistance, and Alexander Massouras’s exquisite etchings tell the moderately cautionary tale of a craftsman with the Midas touch.

Graphic Design
Neue Gestaltung, Berlin
Pit Stenkhoff, Anna Bühler, Simone Schöler

Teller Magazine, London

Editor in Chief
Ruby Russel, Katherine Hunt