TGM – Programmbuch 2018 (1)


TGM – Programmbuch 2018

The Typographic Society Munich is the largest organisation in Europe for typographers and people who are interested in typography and design. Since being founded in 1874 the designers’ club establishes a foundation for sophisticated and interdisciplinary thinking and dialogues among content and form, text and photo, tradition and innovation, design and technology. The tgm represents quality and education for the branch of communication and offers a huge accompanying training program. As Chairwoman of the club I curated several lectures in the last years, inviting design and typography celebrities. Throughout the years designers like Stefan Sagmeister, Mirko Borsche, Eike König, Mario Lombardo, Sascha Lobe, Fons Hickmann, Amir Kassaei or Kurt Weidemann to name a view, followed these invitations and appreciated the warm welcome of our community.

To show the wide range of offerings we traditionally create a yearbook. More over I tried to give the content based complexity of our proposal a clear and neat arrangement. Therefore the new release is a compilation of four different books, which should invite the reader to inform themselves, to browse, to experience and to participate. The first one exposes all the topics, facts and dates for the further education programs. Part two presents all the people and their stories who are involved in the club, who are on stage and behind the scenes. The third book is a journey into the past and also the future of tgm’s conferences, excursions and other specials. And finally there is room for the reader’s own ideas, experiences and criticism as a foundation for a future dialogue with tgm.

Every offer under the roof of tgm is a result of solidarity. It is a result of people and companies who are united by the common interest in typographic quality. This project has only been possible with the support of Kösel Druck, Geese Paper, Mycolorserver, many supporters besides the sponsoring and the collaboration with Boah Kim.


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