NewsSans and Character #01 (1)


NewsSans and Character #01

Character Type published NewsSans a typeface superfamily in 90 styles. NewsSans is accompanied by Character #01 a typography magazine and specimen.


NewsSans is a multi-tool typeface system incorporating no fewer than 90 styles. It was de- signed to allow a maximum range of visual shades when creating a typographic look, effortlessly ranging from loud and expressive, to subtle and reserved. The large x-height combined with low ascenders and descenders allows for tight and efficient designs. All sharp corners were trimmed off to add character and a nuance of extra space. NewsSans’ strokes link humanist curves with ‘American Grotesque’ details and solid square stems. The system contains nine weights from hair- line to black, and five widths from compressed to extended, each accompanied by a proper italic.

NewsSans was hand hinted for optimal screen performance. Each font contains more than 700 glyphs and all kinds of OpenType features like small caps, several numeral options and ligatures.

26-477 Euro

Character #01

Character #01 is a blend of type magazine and a typeface specimen. We call it a specimag. Over the last decade we’ve collected piles of typeface specimens and what feels like a ton of type mag- azines. This rich archive has inspired us to marry the two into one creative space and share some recent type-related thoughts and insights, while introducing our newest typeface: NewsSans.

On 28 pages Character #01 features an interview about Peter Karow the inventor of digital type as well as an essay about character in typefaces. We also share a rare discovery of Polish paper- cut-outs and show how this beautiful craft is tightly related to type design.
Finally Character #01 is a specimen for Character Type’s newest typeface superfamily NewsSans.

9 Euro