Stay At Home Print Club

The Stay At Home Print Club brings together designers, illustrators and artists from all over the world. In times where most of us are forced to leave our daily routine and stay at home instead of coming together we realized how important it is to stay inspired and in touch with the creative community and creators around us. 

Since we’ve only made good experiences with Risograph workshops over the last months and we think it is possible to have that same workshop-like experience together – this time only online – we came up with the idea to start the Stay At Home Print Club. 

Submit your A3 artwork, we’ll combine 3 artists from 3 different locations to print 3-colored Riso posters. These will be up for sale to collect money and support people who don’t have a home to stay at. 

For Edition 01 we received 101 submissions from 74 artists and 23 countries.

Edidtion 02 will start in may.

Let’s connect and make this into something beautiful together! 

Julian & Hendrik Klein