Adidas Retail Careers

What’s True In Sport, Fitness, Fashion On the Street… Is Also True In Your Career! Welcome to Adidas Group Retail Careers. The Adidas Group is at it again and this time it’s all about Retail. It’s a new destination just for Retail Careers.

The all new Retail Career Site is designed specifically for talented people interested in starting or building a career in retail. By bringing to life each store concept in an emotional and inspiring way it’s a place where we share our belief that what people are passionate about outside of work can be brought with them to the sales floor at our Retail Stores. The site features:

· An introduction into each of our store concepts.

· A retail Fit section which illustrates our retail store career ladder and the possibilities moving from retail stores to corporate positions.

· A built in intuitive job search to apply to current openings.

· Our Retail Shine Program which brings to life our standards for training and developing retail employees at the Adidas Group.

We also feature videos for each of our stores. Wonder who those people are in the videos? They are actual employees, no actors, no extras, real employees. Our goal was to present an authentic view of working within our different retail stores. We asked for volunteers and if we could follow them around both inside and outside of work to capture their lives and what they were passionate about. The film crew had an amazing time capturing people who are so passionate about what they do in life and how they bring this with them into the retail environment.


We hope you are as inspired as we are about careers in retail!

Agency & Production-Company
Thorsten Konrad. A Design Studio

Creative Director
Thorsten Konrad

Fabian Mürmann, Thorsten Konrad

Technical Consultant and Development
Fabian Mürmann

Ulf Germann, Thorsten Konrad

Shai Levy, Dan Kennedy, Andy Thibeault, Benjamin Kraier, Thorsten Konrad

Ann Bertram

Kian Djalili, Giulio Zecca

Manon Kahle, Adam Verner (Media-Paten Berlin)

Thorsten Konrad