Get the f*ck out of my house trailer

Der Spot läuft März/April wieder als Teaser für die neue Staffel.

I animated this trailer for the new ProSieben show “Get the F*ck out of my House” where 100 people live together in the same house for one month. The one that stays until the end gets to win the show. The briefing was to create some “dumb ways to die” style situations in which one character after another leaves the house. Also the look had to be adapted without being exactly the same as “dumb ways to die”. I created these simple vector characters and settings and animated them for two individual 30sec on-air trailer. This is the 60sec online trailer with all of the scenes.

Character Design & Animation
Ariane Gebhardt

Ralph Aubele

Art Director
Markus Goles

Project Manager
Gesa Malin Gemba

Teresa von Wyschetzki