Katjes – Chocjes

Gerald Scarfe is a British political cartoonist, illustrator (Sunday Times New Yorker) and animator best known for the iconic Pink Floyd movie “Pink Floyd: The Wall”. His animation segments, particularly the marching hammers, have become iconic. This particular sequence, it’s dark tone, look & feel was the main source of inspiration for the tormented-milk-cow-walk needed to galvanise the audience against animal cruelty in the following spot for Chocjes Gerald, Matthias Zentner and velvet wrapped together beautifully. 

Matthias with velvet and the decades-long experience in animation and motion-design was contacted by the creative Executive Producer Sunna Pilz and Antoni’s Creative Director and Managing Director Martin Pross. After a prosperous meeting with Gerald Scarfe in London, velvet righteously captured the essence of Gerald’s style and assembled a highly professional and special team of worldwide animators to keep the “line art” of Gerald´s character design consistent and to modernise classic cell animation. Lara Frank from velvet was in charge of creating the concept art for this visually strong, but minimalistic artwork. 

The possibility of working together with a talent such as Gerald, and liking that of addressing the problem of animal cruelty and displaying a solution in form of a sustainable, environment-responsible product at the same time, the collaboration was sealed.

Days and nights of creative exchange followed. Team-building, concept art knitting, discussing, challenging, discarding, starting anew and brainstorming all made the time pass by quickly. Gerald & Martin & Sunna & Matthias & Lara´s openness to this intense degree of collaboration, combined with their shared spectrum of ideas, bore fruit in a distinct desire to create something unique.
This movie is a holistic approach to food corresponding with Katjes art of production.
Our goal was to find the aesthetic balance that was both sensitive to Gerlad’s unique, illustrative approach and relevant to the vegan and sustainable food community i.e. the target audience. 

The beginning of our film focuses on animal exploitation: in the dramatic lighting, drowsy-faced, with limp legs, the countless milk-cows are marching their dismal, miserable existence. But there is a better way!

The chocolate breaks open releasing the most fragile of green oat stems and we intuitively feel the connection to earth and nature. Embodying this organic approach to the creative process created a strong contrast between dark and happy, something bad replaced by something better!

The film culminates in the poetic quality of this collaborative creation rooted in the dedication to nature and upheld by empathy with animal cruelty and freedom of choice. Tender, but sincere voice, of the actress Anne Maria Muehe, transferred the holistic feeling of the commercial in the appropriate mood, supported by the cinematic music from Peter Hayo. 

With sustainable ingredients, we automatically place a higher value on the things that we consume. We are at a point where we have alienated ourselves from the things that we eat, often clueless about where the ingredients come from, but one thing is certain: becoming familiar with what and how we consume is an enriching experience and the only way for us and for our future.