BB Strata™ Pro – Typeface (1)


BB Strata™ Pro – Typeface

BB Strata™ Pro is the first font with only octagon angles (±45°), polyspacing (same width in every weight), optical shape and monoline variants for any type of use. The ideographic system was created for an exhibition in 2015 to visualize the process and results of scientific investigations in a historical and contemporary context.

● 9 Variants (incl. SS19, SS20)
● 37 Opentype-Features/Style
● 60 Stylistic Sets (20/Variant)
● 90 Styles (incl. SS19, SS20)
● 40 OT-Features/Style
● 97 Languages Support
● 31,200 Glyphs (1040/Weight)


Ben Bold