GT Ride (1)


GT Ride

GT Ride is a mobile racing game where you build your own unique race track by moving your smartphone through the air. The axis sensor inside your smartphone or tablet records the positioning data, which the app uses to calculate an individual 3D track.

Having raced this track, you can send it as a challenge to your Facebook friends. It can be played on smartphones, tablets, the GT Ride website and Facebook.

GT Ride was also featured as a kinect version at the 2013 Frankfurt and 2014 Geneva Motor Show.


La Red GmbH
Matthias Maurer (Managing Director), Margit Schröder (Creative Director), Andreas Frost (Account Director), Andrea Rohé (Project Manager), Christoph Maeder (Art Director), Marco Gabriel (Concept Developer), Kevin Breynck (Technical Project Management).

Artificial Rome
Patrik de Jong (Managing Director), Dirk Hoffmann (Managing Director), Torsten Sperling (Technical Lead), Ann-Katrin Frank (Project Manager), Johannes Mücke (Concept Developer), Meike Ufer (Interface Design), Wolfgang Müller (Interface Programming) Robin Niemeyer (Backend Programming), Karsten Götz (Web Programming), Thomas Mayer (Interaction Design), Jens-Eric Peter (3D Modelling and Postproduction, Electric Umbrella GmbH), Ferdinand Streicher (Technical Project Management, Tentable).