Aeskulap Pharmacy Packaging

Aeskulap is a pharmacy based in Germany. For their own medical product manufacturing they needed a simple but unique rebranding of their packaging. The logo already existed but had not enough elements to brand the complete line of products they have. So the task was to work on simple and affordable solutions to give the identity a new strength. The product line has three main groups: pharmaceutical products, herbal candy and herbal teas. Each group has its own characteristics but also fit together in the brand appearance.

One ad and four clean product shots and have been created for the product. The concept of the shoot was to create a very clean and medical feeling with a touch of herbs and nature. The fine line herbal illustrations have been incorporated into the clean shots in a very clever way in the post production. ​The soft light in combination with natural materials and plants represent perfectly the sophisticated but personal image of the products.

Lilly Friedeberg

Marc Oortman

Set Designer
Alessia Sistori and Lilly Friedeberg