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Neue UXUI Icons Rounded

Neue UXUI Icons Rounded
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Neue UXUI Icons Rounded is the friendly-looking version of Neue UXUI Icons. All corners were meticulously rounded to appear soft and tender around the edges. The technical parameters were kept identical to its austere sibling. Parameters such as character set, weights and metrics.

Each member of the system comes with no less than 1155 icons covering areas such as office equipment, social media, controls, layout, music, navigation, weather, and more. Complementary to the elegantly outlined design Neue UXUI Icons Rounded includes filled and crossed-out variants. Noteworthy are also the almost 200 arrows in any shape 
or form.

Neue UXUI Icons Rounded comes in seven weights ranging from Thin to Black. The individual styles are designed and nuanced in such a manner that allows for a harmonious co-existence between typefaces and icons. Furthermore the gradation of stroke thicknesses is a way to put differently sized icons into visual equilibrium.

The design of Neue UXUI Icons Rounded is purposefully simple and unpretentious in appearance. This modesty in expression gives room for a seamless blend between type and icon. We made sure that the family works both in traditional and modern design and prototyping environments. Regardless whether you’re using an Adobe product, Figma or Sketch simply copy/paste any shape from one environment into another. That simple.

Alexandra Schwarzwald