The Teabag Collection

Since 1879, Hälssen & Lyon has been crafting the finest teas for clients across the world. In order to thank long-standing customers for their ongoing commitment, we created a special direct mailing: The Teabag Collection – the first tea bags that look and feel like the world’s most iconic handbags. Together with renown handbag designer Ayzit Bostan we created five limited-edition tea bags.

A selection only crafted with cordless silk and permeable cotton, packaged in a handmade box. The Teabag Collection made its’ premiere at Berlin Fashion Week, where they quickly grabbed the attention of fashion lovers and bloggers.

Hälssen & Lyon

Head of Marketing
Pia Schlotfeldt

Astrid Wiedemeyer


Head of Design
Christian Doering

Executive Creative Director
Sascha Hanke

Creative Director
Alexander Michaelsen

Graphic Designer
Mitja Schneehage

Martin Lühe

Collection Designer
Ayzit Bostan