Archive of Codes (1)


Archive of Codes

Encryption techniques have codecided wars and accompanied love affairs – today they make deals in the digital world possible.

Cryptography is the securing of information technology systems against manipulation, no matter whether it concern modern IT systems or secret letters. So historical cryptographic principles aren´t first glance to understand like modern ones. What was called as the science of Encryption in the beginning, nowadays treats, primarily, the issue of information security. The technological progress always had influence on all areas of the society. Knowledge was distributed by the printing press, electronically transmittable by communications technology. Presently we experience the change to the information society and communication society.

This work is intended to give a brief insight about the various encryption methods of cryptography. Beginning of ciphers, about secret codes, to codings. In addition to an explanation of each method, and a more consistent text is transformed and mapped.

Here you have the possibility to get to know some of the simple encryption method. On the right side is a sample text which was translated in the further course in the respective Ciphers. Because of the different techniques the appearance of method to method is different

Lina-Trixi Feller