The Hallmark of Turkish Coffee – Kurukahveci Mehmet Efendi 1871

A new design direction for Turkey’s most legendary coffee brand. The result is a brand that is sensitive to the beloved status, but also radical enough to appeal to new consumer groups. No radical changes, but a contemporary and evolutionary step that seemed logical and self-evident. The identity also needed to establish a cohesive structure that would allow for differentiation across various products. The case study sets a new direction for Turkey’s most legendary coffee brand and incorporates a new strategy, brand identity and launch campaign.

The new focus is placed on a more simplified balance between the icon, endorsed by the new bespoke word mark, which is a modernised rework of the original. As the most complete visual shorthand of the brand, the logo is created as a uniform brand system for the entire company and is isolated to its elements to the purest form.

The brand logo keeps its promise with the iconic illustration and can be used alone or in place of the logotype – it appears on all touchpoints from stationery items, website, sales and marketing materials to packaging.

The visual story of the iconic objects in the unboxing experience is refined by the haptic surface properties, in that way the packaging itself becomes a great carrier of the new design. I also reviewed the sortiment in relation to price levels to find the right look and feel in each packaging.

Emre Telli